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Schools & Colleges in Moscow
  • Anglo-American School of Moscow
    AAS is an independent non-profit, co-educational day school for English-speaking children of American, British and Canadian diplomats, as well as diplomats from other countries, members of the business community and Russian nationals. AAS also offers an excellent English-as-a-Second-Language programme to students from First Steps through Grade 8.
         Address: Beregovaya str. 1 | Phone +7 (495) 231-4488
  • Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education
    The Center's goals are: the preservation and development of Moscow's traditions in mathematical education; the support of various extra-curricular activities for high school students: kruzhoks (Moscow-style seminars), olympiads, tournaments, etc.; the advising of instructors at Russia's special mathematical high schools and kruzhok leaders; the support of mathematical teaching and research at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
         Address: Bolshoi Vlasevsky per. 11| Phone +7 (495) 241-0500
  • Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
    The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences is a Russian-British postgraduate university which offers Masters degrees to students of the Russian Federation and other countries. It is a research-led institution and undertakes research in the social sciences at the highest levels of international standing.
         Address: Vernadskogo prosp. 82, bld.2 | Phone +7 (495)564-8582
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