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Music Schools in Moscow
  • Russian Gnesins' Academy of Music
    Russian Gnesins' Academy of Music is the first university level school to open Music Management Department. This Department is working for several years and is offering practically two higher educations in one - music and economics.
         Address: Povarskaya str. 30-36 | Phone +7 (495) 291-5813
  • Musical and aesthetic center "Allegro"
    There are departments: - Of Foreign Language (English, German, French, Spanish). - Of Pre-school studies. - Of Folk and others.
         Address: Dekabristov str., 2 | Phone +7 (495) 907-16-47
  • Music and choir school "Radost"
    Gives the basic musical education and conducts early musical and pedagogical specialization. Prepares for entering the college and university (musical departments).
         Address: Novopestchanaja str., 26 | Phone +7 (495) 198-0421
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