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Language Schools in Moscow
  • GRINT Centre for Education
    We are very pleased to invite you to Moscow, Russia. If you want to combine Russian language or Culture programme with the visit to one of the most fascinating world's cities, GRINT Centre for Education would be the place for you.
         Address: Yunosty str. 5/1, block 6 , of.35 | Phone +7 (495) 374-7430
  • Language Link
    Our teachers are all native-speaking, university graduates and certified to teach English, French, Russian or German as foreign languages. Today, Language Link is Russia's premier language school. This status has been granted to Language Link not only as a result of its consistently high teaching standards but also as a result of the unparalleled contribution that it has made to the Russian academic community.
          Address: Souschovskaya str. 8/12 | Phone: +7 (495) 978-2218
  • School
    Modeling on several established language schools such as NOVA, Wall Street, Bla-Bla, we have added multimedia technology (English Discoveries) to assist students in learning English.
          Address: Staropansky per. 3 | Phone: +7 (495) 933-0905
  • Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages
    Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages (MIFL) was one of the first non-government non-profit institutions of higher learning established in Moscow. The Institute aims to train highly-skilled experts in Philology, Linguistics, Economics and Law, combining in its work the best traditions of Russian science and education with the latest achievements in these fields and using international experience in higher education.
          Address: B. Trekhgorny per. 11 | Phone: +7 (495) 255-6915
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