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Preschool in Moscow
  • European Gymnasium
    Currently, the European Gymnasium provides: in-depth study of the basic subjects, knowledge of two foreign languages, teaching economics and law from the fifth grade, up-to-date computer class and free Internet access, theatre and arts hobby groups, sports circles and so on.
         Address: Poperechny prosp. 1a | Phone +7 (495) 269-0710
  • Lomonosovskaja school
    Lomonosovskaja private school combines traditions of classical Russian education with modern educational technology. Pre school department is opened for the children from 4.
          Phone +7 (495) 243-2213
  • "Nasledije" school
    First in moscow private kindergarten/infant school Montessori. Invites children from 2,5 till 9 years old.
          Address: Utkina str., 39b | Phone +7 (495) 365-3778
  • Pro Gymnasium 1633
    In this institution children from 2 till 10 get comprehensive education...
          Address: 1st Ljusinovskiiy per. 5 | Phone +7 (495) 959-8842
  • YA SAM
    Comprehensive education based on harmonious combination of intellectual and physical development. Forming of socialisation and abilities to joint actions. Deepening of parents knowledge of their childs development during the education
         Address: Panferova str. 8 | Phone +7 (495) 134-1355
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