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Theaters in Moscow
  • Bolshoi Theater
    Th State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia is one of the best musical theaters in the world. The Bolshoi Theater was founded in 1776, by the moment when the First regular troupe in sw was organized by Peter Urussov, an educated theatrical Figure and Moscow public prosecutor, and his partner Mikhail Medoks. The troupe was formed from the actors of an earlier Moscow theatrical company, students of Moscow University, and newly engaged serf actors. Today' s Bolshoi Theater means the grandeur of traditions being developed in the contemporaneity, means the scale of artistic individualities gathered in its troupe, it means the repertoire it means'concentrated creative life, it means daily hard work and regular improvement of mastery.
          Address: Teatralnaya square, 1
  • Maly Theater
    This old theatre of the capital was known as Moscow's second university because of the hugely influential role it played in Russia's enlightenment. The name Maly comes from the Russian for 'small,' since the auditorium is a lot smaller than that of the Bolshoi.
          Address: Teatralnaya sq. 1/6
  • Moscow City Ballet of Smirnov - Golovanov
    Moscow City Ballet was founded in 1988 by distinguished Russian choreographer Victor Smirnov-Golovanov. Smirnov-Golovanov's own productions, as well as older versions of the classical ballets, all share a clearly-defined style, ideas and choreographic integrity, setting high performance standards. The company is renowned for the perfection of its corps de ballet in the best traditions of the Russian school of classical ballet. The company's unique style is ensured by the unceasing efforts, both in production and rehearsal, of its Artistic Director, Victor Smirnov-Golovanov and his wife, Principal Ballet Mistress, Ludmila Nerubashenko. Many of the leading dancers in the company were trained by them.
          Address: 11, Sivtsev Vrazhek lane
  • Moscow Art Theater named after A.Chekhov
    The Moscow Art Theater was founded by the outstanding figures of Russian and world culture K. S. Stanislavsky and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. The inauguration took place October 14(26) 1898. The main body of the company consisted of the students of the Musical Drama School at the Moscow Philharmonic Society where V.I.Nemirovich-Danchenko taught acting classes as well as of the participants of amateur performances of the Art and Literature Society headed by K. S. Stanislavsky.
          Address: Kamergersky per., 3.4
  • Moscow Magic Theater of Animals end Brids ARTEMON
    Moscow illusory the Theater of Animals and Birds "RTEMON" offers to your attention children's musical illusory ecological show. Our performance"Travel with the small animals around of the world" is an exciting program for family rest and good ecological education for children .It`s also an excellent "lesson of zoogeography "and a session of "zootherapy "in entertaining form. All animals makt the tricks, based on their natural instincts and habits. We never use to them violence to them. We educate our actors only with love and tenderness. The animals are not afraid of the people, are not dangerous at all, with them it is possible to work in immediate proximity from the spectator. Anybody from an animal freedom did not deprive, all of them - third generation of the contents and are acquired in zoos of Russia.
          Address: Kramscogo st. 3, box 3
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