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Museums in Moscow
  • Cinema Museum
    Although the Musei kino (the "Cinema Museum") is one of Russia's newest museums, its history dates back almost 100 years. The three main areas of the Cinema Museum's work are the collection, systemisation and description of documents and materials relating to the history of cinema culture, the organisation of archive, thematic and personal exhibitions connected with cinematography, the systematic screening in its cinemas of films...
          Address: Druzhinnikovskaya str. 15
  • Earth History Museum - Vernadsky Geological Museum
    The Earth History Museum is the oldest in Moscow, founded according to the ideas of M. Lomonosov through donations from the Demidovs in 1755. The museum was renewed in 1988. It is a scientific and educational centre of Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of the Earth’s sciences.
          Address: Mokhovaya str.11, bldg.2 | Phone: +7 (495) 203-4667, 292-0943
  • Fersman Mineralogical Museum
    One of the most exiting among the mineral museums of the world. Museum world wide collections include more then 135000 items.Among them natural crystals, geodes, druzes and other kinds of mineral treasures. Articles made of stones by jewelers 18 - 20 centuries. Gemstones. Meteorites. and much more.
          Address: Leninskiy prospect 18-2 | Phone: +7 (495) 954-3900
  • State Darwin Museum
    The official site of the State Darwin Museum. There are different collections such as History of the State Darwin Museum, The Diversity of Life on the Earth, Satges of Nature Cognition etc.
          Address: Vavilova str. 57 | Phone: +7 (495) 135-3382
  • State Historical Museum
    The official site of the State Historical Museum. There are different collections such as Archaeological Findings, Numismatics, The Early Printed Russian Books and Ancient Manuscripts, Written Sources etc.
          Address: Red Square 1/2
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