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Movies in Moscow
  • «MOSFILM» Corporation
    Today almost all domestic films, TV and video programmes are in production on the base of Mosfilm. Thus it is not only the biggest studios association, which produces feature films, in Russia and a biggest one in the world but it has also the biggest base equipped on the modern level both in our country and in the whole Europe.
          Address: Mosfilmovskaya st. 1
  • Gorky Film Studio
    One of the biggest and oldest Russian film studios was founded in 1915. A merchant from Kostroma Mikhail Trofimov established in Russia a film production company "Rus", having rallied people for whom "art was a sacred thing". They united "pursuing not the ends of gaining profit, but solely out of love for cinematography" with one goal: "that the Russian picture should surpass the foreign one - like Russian literature and Russian theater".
          Address: S.Eisenstein str. 8
  • NTV-PROFIT Film Company
    NTV-PROFIT's activities included film production and film/video distribution (of domestic and foreign films).
          Address: Office 430, 12-A, Chistoprudny bulevard
  • America Cinema
    The American House of Cinema, conveniently located in the Radisson-Slavjanskaya Hotel in Russia promotes a cross-cultural exchange showing the best American movies in the original language. The 550-seat cinema is equipped with the most advanced Digital Dolby Surround Sound System (DTS). For your pleasure an American-style movie bar, offers a wide choice of beverages, beer and popcorn
          Address: Berezhkovskaya Naberezhnaya 2
  • Musei kino (the "Cinema Museum")
    Although the Musei kino (the "Cinema Museum") is one of Russia's newest museums, its history dates back almost 100 years. The three main areas of the Cinema Museum's work are the collection, systemisation and description of documents and materials relating to the history of cinema culture, the organisation of archive, thematic and personal exhibitions connected with cinematography, the systematic screening in its cinemas of films...
          Address: Druzhinnikovskaya str. 15
  • WestVideo
    The company deals with film-hire and distribution of video products in Russia.
          Address: Petropavlovsky per. 3
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