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Events tickets in Moscow

Our company offers you tickets to different theatres, concerts and folklore shows. You just have to fill in the request form and send it to us. We will buy a requested ticket for you and deliver it to you when needed. The delivery inside Moscow and St. Petersburg is free for you. If you need these tickets to be delivered in any other city or country we will send them by express delivery service and you will have to pay for this service.

It is easy and fast - you don't have to go to the ticket office and stand in a queue. Just send us your request or call us and we will deliver tickets to your office or home. You are always welcome!

Phone in Moscow:
+7 (495)-505-6325
+7 (495)-649-8328

Phone in Saint Petersburg:
+7 (812)-309-5760
+7 (812)-233-8283

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