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Pets in Moscow
  • Cattery My Joy
    "...We are rather "fresh" breeders we breed our cats for four years. On the one hand, these years seem to make half of our life, from the other hand, they passed like three days. We visited various places, learned, experienced the birth of kittens, and we are happy that these years were spent not in vain. We have good results, we can say success, our pets won at championships in Russia and abroad. Cats and kittens did their best, they tried and gained brilliant results. We found many new cat lovers, who are interested in Don Sphynx and follow the rules and concepts of the breeders."
          Phone: +7 (495) 199-8248
  • Chow-Chow
    The Kennel-club "Kynologia" RKF. Chow-Chow.
          Address: Kosinskaya str. 24a | Phone: +7 (495) 372-5029
  • KBC "Erin Hunter"
    The Primary aim of KBC Erin Hunter is directed on wide spreading of breed, breeding and propagating the cultural maintenance of the Irish wolfhounds.
          Address: Noviy Arbat str. 34 | Phone: +7 (495) 396-5977
  • National Retriever Club
    National Retriever Club (NRC) is a public association coordinating kynological activities in Russian Federation. NRC activity covers the whole RF territory. NRC is established on the voluntary basis, covers amateur dog-breeding, associations of regional and territory structures, as well as all the bodies wishing to breed retrievers.
          Phone: +7 (495) 320-3661
  • "Vechnost" kennel
    The Vechnost Kennel is as well registered by RKF (Russian Kennel Federation) and National Afghan Breeders Club. At this moment 83 (21 males, 62 bitches ) dogs belong to the kennel. Some of those dogs are beloved pets and will never be used in our breeding program, but also we have our stars, dogs of very good quality, who were "born for the show ring".
          Phone: +7 (495) 274-73-05
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