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Home Furnishings in Moscow
  • Baly
    Salon of the wattled furniture.
          Address: Sadovaya-Spasskaya str. 3/3 | Phone: +7 (495) 208-8944
  • ELT factory
    Today there are three modern Italian kitchen furniture assembling lines working in ELT factory (total area of about 20 000 m2). 14 different models are produced there, they meet the requirements of any, even the most exact clients. The company launches 1- 3 principally new models annually, this is an excellent command not only for Russian, but for Italian manufacturers as well.
          Address: Varshavskoe shosse, 125, bld. 39 | Phone: +7 (495) 105-3355
    The Studio «KUHNI-TECHNO» is engaged in manufacture of case furniture for more than 7 years. We are glad to offer you: kitchen sets, a case - compartment, checkroom, vestibules, bar racks, tables, the chairs, separate elements of furniture. The furniture is made under individual projects and can be completed with facades from a file of a natural tree (including the Italian manufacture), and also elements from artificial stone Corian of firm DuPont. Our firm also offers materials and accessories for you kitchen and house.
          Address: Prospekt Mira, 73 | Phone: +7 (495) 281-3603
  • Russian blacksmithing
    The enterprise "Russian blacksmithing" has been working on the blacksmith market since 1994. Our Master Craftsmen successfully combine rich traditions of blacksmithing, as one of the oldest handicrafts, and modern technology achievements. "Russian blacksmithing" specialists are able to provide the high quality of producing merchandises, therefore the non-stop developing work on further improvement of quality indexes is going on.
          Address: Frounze str. 3-A | Phone: +7 (495) 242-2901
    We specialize in imports of interior lighting to Russian market as well as assembling of lighting components. You can find the largest collection of crystal chandeliers in Russia nowhere but in our "STRASS" store.
          Address: Piatnitskaya str. 65 | Phone: +7 (495) 128-7678
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