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St. Basil's Cathedral

In 16th century a stone church of the Trinity with a small cemetery was situated on this place. The Blessed Vasily, who has dyed in August 2, 1555, considered to be foolish, was buried near this stone church. In October 2, 1552, Russian troops took Kazan - the capital of the Kazan khanate. In commemoration of this event tsar Ivan the Terrible ordered to construct 7 wooden temples on the Red Square, where in 1555-1561 a stone temple, named after the Feast of the Protective veil, was erected (the assault on Kazan began the day of the holiday of the Protective veil, after two months siege). The church, situated in the central tower, was devoted to this holiday. Four towers-churches are located on different sides of the world. The northern - in the name of St. Kiprian and Ustina; that was the day of the complete capture of Kazan. In 1786 under petition of rich investor Natalia Hruscheva the church was consecrated in the name of St. Adrian and Natalia. The southern church is consecrated in the name of Nicola Velikoretsky, that is also connected with the Kazan campaign. The western church is consecrated in the name of the Input to Jerusalem, it is connected with solemn returning of the army to Moscow. Eastern church is consecrated in the name of Trinity, that is, the church, which was before situated at the cathedral place, was transferred into it.

The towers, located along the diagonals, are devoted to various events of the Kazan campaign: north - west church of the Grigory Armyansky (day of capture of the Arskaya tower). South - east church of Alexander Svirsky (rout of 30-thousand group tatar cavalry under the command of the tatar prince Japanchi); north -east church of the Three patriarchs of Alexandria - the memory day of these saints is marked the same day as the memory day of Alexander Svirsky. South - west church of Varlaam Hutynsky is the only church, which is not connected with the events of the campaign.

The central temple consists of tetrahedron, octahedron and is completed by an octahedral light drum with gilded head. There is a covered promenade (gallery) around the bottom circle. Vaults of the promenade lean on the massive columns with decorative pediments on the top. Transition from the octahedron to a tent is decorated with the set of kokoshniks. Four towers - churches, located on the sides of the world, consist each of three octahedrons, narrowed by ledges, and a drum with the figured head. Four small churches on diagonals are tetrahedrons, transition to a drum is made out by three rows of semicircular kokoshniks. The building has no expressed main facade and is designed for an all-round viewing, for circular detour. Interiors of churches are simple. The cathedral is interesting in its appearance. As though it represents the fantastic "paradise town". The temple is fairly considered to be a monument of architecture and construction art of world value. Till now the cathedral is a branch of the State Historical museum. The first divine service was held in October, 14, 1991, however regular divine services are not made.

Address: Red Square
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