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Gyms in Moscow
  • FIT & FUN
    Fitness-club: one-on-one training,aerobics, sports store and so on.       Address: Chistoprudny blvd. 12, bld. 1 | Phone: +7 (495) 924-4315
  • Gold's Gym
    Gold's Gym invites you to join Russia's finest health and fitness club. Offering over 5,000 square meters of the world's best fitness equipment, staff, services, and programs, Gold's Gym is great for everybody.
          Address: 31 Leningradsky Prospekt 30
  • Petrovka Sports
    Our modern training facilities and aerobic courses will allow you to stimulate your body, strengthen muscles and heart, activate blood circulation and burn extra calories. Our instructors will make sure that you gain the maximum benefit from your workout and arrange correctly a load on your body.
          Address: 1 Kolobovskiy per. 4 | Phone: +7 (495) 933-8700
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