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Apartment rental in Moscow
  • Aventec
    Aventec Consulting started its operations in Moscow in February 2000.Our clients often recommend us to their friends.We offer our consulting services in apartment renting in Moscow for short and long term. Our experts will be more than happy to offer you a best-valued apartment in the center of Moscow. You can also find some of our offers on our web site. We will advise our clients in making the best decisions and we will maximize their successes in the execution of these decisions.
          Phone: +7 (495) 787-2426
  • "Moscow Lights - Megapir" Ltd
    It is a Charge d'affaires of the Moscow Government and is empowered to carry out real estate operations. It is a member of Russian Guild, Real Estate Association and Moscow Real Estate Center. It has over 6 years dealing on the real estate market.
          Address: Maroseika str. 3/13 | Phone: +7 (495) 206-8343
  • NG Realty
    Moscow and Moscow Region: apartment purchase, sale, and exchange; houses, cottages, and plots of land for sale; apartment and cottage rent; offices, shops, and store houses for rent and sale.
          Address: Orlikov Lane 10 | Phone: +7 (495) 975-8743
  • On The Pokrovka
    Since 1996 we offer our lease services ranging from simple to Elite flats in any part of Moscow. Coming to us is forgetting about all the problems connected with leasing a flat. Our specialists will deal with everything from concerning your needs to making your agreement safe and confidential. We have created and are constantly updating a huge memory base, personally see the offered facilities and are ready to help you right away.
          Phone: +7 (495) 916-1433
  • Penny Lane Realty
    We offer our services in apartments, office space and country houses rent and sale.
          Address: Znamenka str. 13/3 | Phone: +7 (495) 232-0099
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