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Radio Stations in Moscow
  • Main Centre for Control of Broadcasting Networks
    Its main objective is organization of the operation of radiobroadcasting facilities over the range of long medium, short and ultrashort waves. MCCBN develops the frequency-allocation tables for broadcasting over the short-waves band; it registers those tables with the international organizations, coordinates the use of frequencies with foreign radio stations and takes measures to remove mutual interferences. The enterprise has entered into contracts for services in the broadcasting field with leading Russian and foreign radio stations such as "Golos Rossii" (Voice of Russia), "Mayak", "BBC", "Deutsche Welle", and others.
          Address: Nikolskaya str. 7 | Phone: +7 (495) 298-3302
  • The State Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra
    The idea of creating the State Symphony Radio and Television Orchestra came in 1978 as an outgrowth of the need for the symphonic repertoire of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries to be broadcast throughout Russia for the benefit of its citizens. It was decided the Orchestra should broadcast performances on a weekly basis, a concept upon the BBC Symphony Orchestra's very successful radio series in the United Kingdom.
          Address: Malaya Nikitskaya str. 24 | Phone: +7 (495) 290-0501
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