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Department Stores in Moscow
  • TSUM
    TSUM is one of the largest and most successful department stores in Russia. Central Universal Store (TSUM) is located in the very center of Moscow — next to the Red Square and the Bolshoi Theater.
          Address: Petrovka str., 2 | Phone: +7 (495) 292–1157
  • GUM
    GUM is well-known to every Russian. Now GUM is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also a wide network of shops in Moscow and in other regions. The high quality of goods purchased in GUM is guaranteed.
          Address: Red Square, 3 | Phone: +7 (495) 921–5463
  • Okhotny Ryad
    The Shopping Center “Okhotny Ryad” is situated in the very heart of Moscow in immediate proximity to Red Square, Alexandrovsky Sad, Teatralnaya Sqaure and Tverskaya Street. Three underground levels of the Center contain more than 100 shops, restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants, bank branches and exchange offices, travel agencies, cash dispensers and pay phones. Unique interiors of the Shopping Center as well as its closeness to Red Square and Alexandrovsky Sad attract huge crowds of tourists and Muscovites.
          Address: Manejnaya sq. 1 | Phone: +7 (495) 737–8449
  • CrocusCity
    200,000 items of products, much more than any other shop can offer: furniture, kitchen furniture, sanitary engineering, tiles, various interior articles, video and audio, consumer electronics, building materials, instruments, gardening tools, equipment for saunas, swimming pools and billiard rooms, flowers, books, toys, two auto shows, food products (the Perekrestok supermarket).
          Address: Volokolamskoye Highway, 66th km | Phone: +7 (495) 754-9595
  • Perekriostok
    The «Perekriostok» stores offer customers an extensive range of foodstuffs and household goods. The company has its own production of fish and meat culinary items, and own bakery. This means that there is always an assortment of 360 different culinary items made from fresh meat and fish as well as more than 40 different bakery products - traditional and own recipe - baked in our stores.
          Address: Suvorovskaya pl., 1 | Phone: +7 (495) 232-5924
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