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Visit Russia acquaints you with important information every traveller and businessman needs: where to stay while visiting Russia, how to fulfill the visa arrangement successfully, how to reserve a hotel, sightseeing tour or airline and train tickets without any problems.

Russia hotels website gives a full list of the hotels of different categories in various cities of the country. Planning you business or leisure trip to a definite Russian city, don`t be afraid that you won`t be able to find a suitable hotel there. With the assistance of Optima Tours it becomes simple. The variety of the hotels surprises even the experienced traveller.

On our site you can also find complete description of the place of your destination. Cities guide helps you to find your way round an unfamiliar city. There some facts about history, peculiarities of the climate, and pieces of advice on the sightseeing tours in this city are given. Country experts share their knowledge with you in the section Quick facts about Russia that will be helpful for all busy people. You have a possibility to get to know the location, geographical coordinates, land boundaries, coast line, climate, natural recourses of Russia. Photo gallery of Russia presents the magnificent views, which can be seen in the greatest country in the world. Tours of Russia represent tours of different length and distance. You can choose one you are eager to experience. Unforgettable excursions, highly professional guides involve you in the atmosphere of the ancient country.