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Office rent in Moscow
  • Makosha International
    Are you planning to open or buy a business in Moscow? Makosha International is a real estate agency and we'll be glad to help you. We specialize in commercial property in Moscow.
          Phone: +7 (495) 252-5953
  • "Moscow Lights - Megapir" Ltd
    It is a Charge d'affaires of the Moscow Government and is empowered to carry out real estate operations. It is a member of Russian Guild, Real Estate Association and Moscow Real Estate Center. It has over 6 years dealing on the real estate market.
          Address: Maroseika str. 3/13 | Phone: +7 (495) 206-8343
  • NG Realty
    Moscow and Moscow Region: apartment purchase, sale, and exchange; houses, cottages, and plots of land for sale; apartment and cottage rent; offices, shops, and store houses for rent and sale.
          Address: Orlikov Lane 10 | Phone: +7 (495) 975-8743
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