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Address 1905 Goda St., 2
Phone 7-095-2550888, 7-095-2550204
Types of Cuisine Ukrainian
Metro Station Ulitsa 1905 goda
Locations Cinema Museum
Average Bill 50-70 USD

In the old days small taverns in Ukraine were called "shinoks". The modern Shinok Restaurant is situated in the famous restaurants' raw in Presnya Street, close to the White House and International Trading Center. The original interior of the restaurant corresponds well with its name. Outside and inside it is designed as a traditional Ukrainian peasant house with a thatched roof and a massive oak-door. The clay walls are adorned with embroidered towels, pots and pans stand on the shelves.
In the center of the restaurant there is a cozy courtyard with hens, ship, rabbits and even a cow. An old lady dressed in national clothes sits on the bank; she spins and looks after the animals. Around the courtyard there are six small halls, with four of them overlooking the inner yard. So the visitors can watch peaceful country life. For special guests there is a VIP-hall with tables for 6, 4 and 2 guests. The cozy atmosphere is complemented with pleasant background music that is naturally traditional Ukrainian songs.
The menu features traditional Ukrainian dishes such as borshch, pirozhki and vareniki (big Ukrainian exquisite ravioli with different feelings - curds, cherries and raspberry sauce, etc). The bottle of famous Ukrainian vodka, gorilka, and Kiev's pork fat with garlic and pickled cucumbers are also available. The wine carte offers Crimean selection wines.
In the hall of the Shinok Restaurant there is a Grandmother's Chest antique shop. So the visitors can not only dine but also make pleasant purchases.

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