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Address Chistoprudny Boulevard, 12/2
Phone 7-095-9217719
Types of Cuisine Vegetarian
Metro Station Chistye Prudy, Kurskaya
Locations Sovremennik Theater, Museum of Mayakovsky, Museum of Moscow History
Average Bill 10-20 USD

The Avocado Vegetarian cafe is situated in one of picturesque parts of Moscow, Chisty Prudy (Pure Ponds). The cafe has been opened just recently but already enjoys great popularity with vegetarians, those keeping the fast and healthy life-style followers.
In the interiors of the cafe pleasant light colors dominate, mainly light green and pink. The cafe has three halls with round tables and light brown chairs with wicker hacks and upholstery of avocado color. One of the halls boasts a salad-bar with a great choice of nuts, candied, desiccated and fresh fruits.
The menu of the Avocado generously offers best vegetarian dishes of world cuisine. The diverse menu is regularly enriched. The speciality of the cafe is healthy and tasty dishes with "awaken seeds" - germs of peas, sesame, flax, pumpkin, sunflower and lentil. It goes without saying, that only ecologically clean products and water from the purest springs are used. Even the desserts offered do not contain eggs and gelatin. The menu features only non-alcoholic drinks - natural juices, all kinds of cocktails, nonalcoholic beer and alcohol-free wines, as well a fine selection of green, black, herbal and fruit tea. During the fast the Avocado Cafe offers a special menu, comprised according to the strictest Orthodox canons. Even the vegetable oil is not used in cooking, nevertheless all the dishes are traditionally tasty and substantial.
At the Avocado smoking is not allowed, so the visitors do not have to inhale cigarette smoke and just enjoy healthy and tasty food and a wonderful view on ponds surrounded by century-old trees.
Every Thursday since 6 p.m. till 10 p.m. at the Avocado live music is played. Well-known guitarist A. Kravchenko plays flamenco, jazz and improvises.

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